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Re: Introduction Protcol

Poster: "Rowanwald Central" <rownwald@gte.net>

> > If I choose another name to use to just get my >membership in, a
> name that works and passes with >flying colors, can I still continue
> to use the name I >have if no one else is useing it?
> I plan on doing so. Although Alana didn't pass (I'm trying to find
> another spelling that will), I've been using it for nearly a year, and
> I don't really want to change it now. Everyone I have spoken to has
> said it wouldn't matter, but if anyone knows any different, let me
> know! Don't want to break any rules..

   It does matter. I chose "Rosine of Rowanwald" as a "use-name" when I
first came into the Society. Long-term members had advised me to just chose
something different than my modern name so I could get into persona easier.
 Six months later, I had an AoA promissory with "Rosana of Rowanwood" on
it, courtesy of Anton and Luned's Pennsic Court. Being alone at Pennsic (my
brave BRAVE husband stayed home with our sons for TWO weeks to give me my
first vacation - and kids, house, and dog were still there when I returned.
Amazing), anyway, being alone and a non-drinker translated into "let's do
service everywhere, every hour" - end result? I now have long-term out of
Kingdom friends who I only see at Pennsic or Gulf Wars who only know me as
"Rosine of Rowanwald". Why is this bad? Because it is in no way
documentable to period. So my name, heraldically, is "Roisin of Rowanwood"
- which I practically despise because it just donna sound ret. Can I call
myself "Roisin"? Sure - as long as I accept that my out-of-area friends
will not know who that is when mutual friends send greetings, or when Troll
or class schedules list me as point-of-contact. My modern non-SCA friends
call me Rosine too, probably a case of cross-pollination. Do I confuse them
further?  I'd rather not.
   The solution for me is to continue using "Rosine of Rowanwald" in
everyday use, and explain it away as a quirk - much like calling someone
"Misty" rather than the given name of "Mercedes". It's ackward. It's a
    I'd strongly suggest catching up with a Herald who has a few good name
lists, reading down the line until you find one that you really like, and
then use it. Until you do that - 

          Stick to your modern name.   It's easier on your friends.

Rosine (no really, Mistress Jaelle, I meant to write Roisin) of Rowanwald
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