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Ladies' Day update

Poster: SCAVard@aol.com

A not-too-subtle reminder about Ladies' Day, happening on March 27th.  Though
the flyer was accidentally un-included in the March =Acorn=, the event *is*
happening, the Kingdom *does* recognize it at being official, and reservations
*are* being taken as we speak.

The Tournament itself is interesting, as it is comprised of three parts.  The
fighting part is pretty easy to understand, as there will be chances for
armored AND schlager fighters to score their points.  ***IMPORTANT!***
Schlager authorizations WILL be made at this event!

The other two parts, ah, THAT'S where the Tourney gets interesting!  For you
see, you must be fighting FOR someone, and that someone is very much involved
in the other two parts of the Tourney.  There is the favor-making competition,
where your "someone" enters into competition the favor that he/she has made
for you. (Each favor is judged by our panel of experts, who have managed to
keep their scoring criteria a carefully-guarded secret for a very long while.)
And then there's the poetry competition, where each figher composes and
RECITES to his/her inspiration the poem they have created.

Each part of the Tourney (fighting, favor, poem) counts one-third toward the
overall wining couple.  There are also seperate awards for the winners in each

Unescorted Lords and Ladies who wish to participate in the Tourney are
encouraged to contact the Autocrat, Arianwen ferch Angharad (Rebecca Stidam),
635C Hall Road, Ct C, Dahlgren, VA 22448, (540) 644-8021,

-----Start of flyer-------

Mar 27th - Ladies' Day Tourney Barony of Dun Carraig, King George, VA

The Barony of Dun Carraig invites all good Gentles to attend their Ladies' Day
Tourney, to be held in the Crown Lands adjacent to the Barony's southern
border. There will be fighting for heavy weapons and schlager beginning at
11am. For those inclined to more genteel entertainment, there will be an A&S
competition and dancing throughout the day and into the evening.

The Tournament: will be a three-part competition to include Best Poem, Best
Favor, and Best Heavy Weapons/Best Schlager fighter. (1) Poem: Each fighter
must compose and read an original poem in honor of the one who inspires them.
(2) Favor: Each fighter must have a favor created for him or her by the one
they fight for. As these take time to create, they should be made in advance
of the Tourney. (3) Fighting: There will be a Double Elimination Tourney for
both the heavy weapons and schlager. Following the single-man Tourneys will be
three-man team Bear Pit heavy and schlager competitions. Bring a team or pick-
up one at the event.

Arts & Sciences: The A&S competition will be an open display for any item that
includes detailed, how-to instructions (diagrams are encouraged). Works will
be judged on the merit of the instructions. Best entries will be published in
the forthcoming Dun Carraig A&S newsletter (assuming permission is given, of
course!). Please direct A&S related questions to Countess Eorann O'Connor
(Nancy Cox) at (301) 855-3631 or email: nancycox@erols.com.

Feast: Lord Edvard Gayer will prepare a sumptuous three-remove feast. Seating
is limited to 80 people, so please reserve early. Address dietary concerns to
Lord Vard (Ken Buzzard) at (301) 737-0437 or email: scavard@aol.com.

Site: King George County Citizens Center, 8076 King's Highway, King George,
VA. Site opens and 10am and closes at 8pm. No smoking or pets allowed, however
it is a wet site.

Merchants: You are welcome! Please contact the autocrat for details.

Fees: Site fees - In advance: On Board $9/Day Trip $4; At the door: On Board
$11/Day Trip $5. Reservations should be sent to the autocrat. Please make
checks payable to "Barony of Dun Carraig/SCA Inc." 

Autocrat: Arianwen ferch Angharad (Rebecca Stidam), 635C Hall Road, Ct C,
Dahlgren, VA 22448, (540) 644-8021, e-mail arianwen76@hotmail.com. Please call
if you have any questions.


>From Northern VA: Take your best route along I-95 to Fredericksburg, VA. In
Fredericksburg take Route 3 East approximately 15 miles. The King George
County Citizens Center is on the right immediately before the junction with
Route 206.

>From Central VA: Take your best route to I-95 north of Richmond. Take Exit
104, bear right onto Route 207, and continue toward Fort A. P. Hill. Merge
with Route 301 North. Continue along Route 301 for 12 miles to junction with
Route 3 and turn left. Follow Route 3 for five miles to junction with Route
206. The King George County Citizens Center is on the left immediately beyond
Route 206, two doors beyond the Fire Station.

>From MD: Take your best route to 301 South. Cross the Potomac River Bridge
into Virginia. There is a $1.50 toll leaving Maryland. Go approximately 3 1/2
miles from the bridge to Route 206. Turn right onto 206 and proceed nine miles
to Route 3. Turn right onto Route 3, the King George County Citizens Center is
immediately on the left, two doors beyond the Fire Station.

-----End of flyer------- 
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