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Poster: "Mark.S Harris" <rsve60@email.sps.mot.com>

Arianwen ferch Angharad asked:
> Can anyone suggest any books, texts, web sites, etc where one could find
> documentation on LUCETS?  Any responses would be greatly appreciated and
> can be directly emailed to me.

Check out this file in the CRAFTS section of my Stefan's Florilegium:
lucet-cord-msg    (25K)  6/25/98    Making lucet cord for trim, lacing.

This is a fairly easy craft to get started in. The one tool needed is
simple and can be easily be made out of wood. The shape of the tool is
difficult to describe in text, but there are books that give examples.
The basic technique is simple, but again, not easily described in text,
although there are descriptions of both the tool and the technique in
this file.

The resulting cord can be of a single color on up to multiple colors in
different materials.

It is a good craft for those who like to have something to do with their
hands during baronial meetings, during class or waiting for the bus.

My Florilegium files can be found on the web at:

Lord Stefan li Rous
Barony of Bryn Gwlad
Ansteorra  (hope to see some of you at Gulf Wars)
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