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RE: Stilhavn General Meeting Announcement

Poster: "Bonnie Hindle (EUS)" <QUSBOHI@am1.ericsson.se>

Fair Friends,
	Let me first say I have no desire to cause a heated discussion here
but find myself compelled to bring my viewpoint to light on this
	I have always been an Atlantian who lived in the Southern part of
the Kingdom.  I have all the perceptions and misconceptions that come with
	With that said here I go:

		Why is the meeting being held in a city different from where
the Kingdom level event is being held the day before?  Does this make any
sense?  I would think to optimize attendance and increase communication to
as many citizens of the Kingdom as possible you would have the meeting in
the same city which had just held a Kingdom level event the day before and
is actually located directly in the area you are discussing.  I would
understand a little more if Coronation was being held in South Carolina but
Richmond is part of the area that may become Stillhaven.
	Is there no one in Caer Maer willing to hold this meeting at their
house? (Assuming the site since it is a church would not be available on a
	It just seems that decisions like this one only promote the ill
feelings between the people on both sides of the movement as well as both
sides of the borderline.  
	Let me say that I am not attacking anyone.  I just am confused as to
why a meeting would be scheduled so far away from where a good majority of
the Kingdom would be the day before, and what confuses me even more it is a
good distance away from where the people who are going to be part of
Stillhaven are.  
A fine Atlantian Duke had almost convinced that the Principality was going
to be good for the Kingdom, allowing it to grow, be somewhat separate but
yet equal and united.  Things like this and the perception that they give
really make me wonder.

	Awaiting what I am sure will be an interesting set of responses,

	Alesia /Bonnie

	Lady Alesia Gillefalyn
	House Wylde Rose
	Barony of Windmaster's Hill
	Kingdom of Atlanta

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