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RE: Stilhavn General Meeting Announcement

Poster: Julien de Montfort <julien@spiaggia.org>

> 		Why is the meeting being held in a city different from where
> the Kingdom level event is being held the day before?  Does this make
> sense?  I would think to optimize attendance and increase
>communication to

Offhand (and I speak without any actual knowledge, just an educated
guess) that the Stilhavn meeting was scheduled in Chesapeake MD because:

	a) it is more central to the Stilhavn/principality area, which is
one of the hoped-for objectives when scheduling a location -- not
everyone will be attending Coronation, after all -- and, more
importantly, I suspect,

	b) it was where they were able to find a place that meets the
requirements needed -- the right date, no rental fee, and the ability
to hold a hundred or more people.  I don't know of many people's houses
that can hold up to that many.

As similar to many Kingdom level events, they happen where somebody
comes up and says "here's a spot you can use."  Chesapeake, MD may have
been the best spot (who knows, maybe the only spot) that was presented
as a possible lcoation for that date.

Since you didn't send this email to the Principality List, I'll assume
you aren't on that list, so I'll repost here for you and the
edification of those interested the relevant section regarding trying
to get Principality meeting sites:

> So, without further verbiage - here are the parameters for the site;
> These are the "Must Haves";
>       No charge for site.  Must seat 50 to 100 people.  Parking close
> Sunday use for 2 to 4 hours.
> These are the "should haves but we'll manage somehow";
>      A dais or raised platform for the speakers and steering
> Chairs.  A microphone and speaker system so we can ALL hear what's
>going on
> up front.
>      I'm told that the hours between 1pm and 4 pm are best for most
> everyone.  We need to be able to lock in the dates well ahead - say
> months ahead. And, last but not least, we need to keep the travel
> reasonable.  So, using Washington, DC  as "ground Zero" It would be
> preferable to keep the meetings within an hour/hour and a half of DC.
> need be we'll go beyond that distance but we're trying to keep the
> reachable by the majority
> of the folks.  We'll try to have a couple meetings that will be
>closer to
> our Southern and Eastern borders as well.


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