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Re: double personas

Poster: Kathleen M Hogan <kathleen.hogan@juno.com>

On Mon, 1 Mar 1999 09:25:13 -0500 (EST) Janine H Sutter
<jsutter@scotland.ces.state.nc.us> writes:

>Greetings!  For those of you who have two personas- can you tell me a 
>bit about your decision to do so?  Interest in two seperate areas or
>times, etc.?  Also, does it confuse your friends about who you are at
>each event?

I developed two personnas years ago when there was much more concern
about staying in personna.  My primary  personna, Caitlin, is a "serious"
personna.  She is the one who I usually bring out.  The secondary, Red
Meg InnKeep is mostly just for fun.  She is a wench who seeks to get the
most enjoyment she can out of life without any regard for propriety or
commitment (though she is a LITTLE more settled since she inherited her
father's inn).   She was created to allow me to let out my wilder side in
ways that simply would not be allowed for my primary personna.  I try
very hard NOT to let the two characters get mixed up and to behave as
each would when that is who I am being. It would not be considered
acceptable or proper for Caitlin to tell certain stories or sing certain
songs, but Meg can. Meg can play kissing games and flirting  games that
would be Scandalous for Caitlin.   Meg doesn't get around much now that I
am married again, but when I was single it was a different story.  

There is never any confusion between us by anyone who knows us, as
Caitlin always is proper (well mostly) and Meg is NEVER proper!  Anyone
can tell who is who by looking at us.  Red Meg dresses as a wench, acts
like a wench, and teaches Wenching 101 classes.  Caitlin dresses more
modestly, acts more modestly (usually) and teaches embroidery and such.

Caitlin nicFhionghuin
House Oak & Thistle

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