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Re: Stilhavn General Meeting Announcement

Poster: Ann & Les Shelton <sheltons@conterra.com>

I also wonder if plans may not have been going on concurrently for the
two events.  If so, the committee may not have known at the time that
Coronation would be in mid March not on the normal "Crown Weekend" in
April which is Easter.

I too wondered when I saw the announcement.  However, I try to make it a
personal policy to assume the best intentions of my fellow SCAdians
unless proved otherwise.

I would also like to compliment the members of the Stilhaven
Communications Committee.  They have attended Ymir and two gentlewomen
from BRIGHT HILLS are coming ALL the way down to Nottinghill Coill
Baronial Birthday to be available to answer questions from those of us
who live far south.  This is something I have long been supporting and I
hope will help some of the feelings of being left out of the loop.

If you have questions or concerns about the proposed principality,
please avail yourself of the opportunity to attend an event where one of
the committee is present.  If not in your area, consider inviting them
to your event.  I did and as I stated, members of the committee are
going to great efforts to bring information to the gentlefolk of SC/GA
and NC.

Again, thank you for these efforts.

Baroness Anne le Coeur
Deputy Kingdom Seneschal for SC/GA
Autocrat-Nottinghill Coill Baronial Birthday 1999
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