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RE: Stilhavn General Meeting Announcement

Poster: SCAVard@aol.com

Scriptsit Alesia Gillefalyn

>		Why is the meeting being held in a city different from where
>the Kingdom level event is being held the day before?

To get the meeting announced in the March =Acorn=, a February 1st deadline had
to be met.  This is a constant and cannot be changed.  Thus, a meeting site
had to be found and committed to no later than mid-to-late January, right
around the time of Northern Twelfth Night.

There has been a desire to move the meetings around to different sites so that
people who do not like to travel can attend one without too much heartburn.
During the time frame in question, I was approached about the possiblity of
using the same site as our dance practices for a Principality meeting.  Since
the site is scenic, has plenty of space, is vastly underused, was in an area
where we've not held a P meeting before, and was available for our use, we
went ahead and booked it.

You ask "Is there no one in Caer Maer willing to hold this meeting at their
house?" I don't think you understand that this question needed to be asked
about 2 months ago for word to get out now.  Again, to publish in the =Acorn=,
information has to be finalized by the first day of the preceeding month.  I
know people from Caer Mear were present at the last P meeting (January in
Stierbach), and nobody volunteered then.

Granted, this could have been planned better, but what is done is done, and we
must do the best we can.  In Janaury, Coronation was but a single paragraph in
the =Acorn= on the last page of event announcements.  More than likely, nobody
thought to compare the scheduled meeting date to the Kingdom calendar.  We do
so much traveling up here in the north anyway, supporting each other's events
and functions, that quite frankly it probably didn't occur to us.  Many people
will be day-tripping to/from Caer Mear, and supporting a Sunday afternoon P
meeting is a can-do.  I know things are different in your neck of the woods,
perhaps this is just another difference between our two ends of Atlantia. 

This whole thing runs on volunteers.  If anyone wants to host a meeting, then
by all means jump up and say so.  I am certain Baroness Ekaterina and those
others who are working toward finding sites would appreciate it.  But lacking
that, they really are doing the best they can.  I know it's easy to criticize
other's work after the fact, but if we try to remember this key point (we're
all volunteers), perhaps we can put our collective energies to constructive
use, rather than sitting back to point-out the flaws in the work that others
are doing for our benefit.

// Vard //

Lord Edvard Gayer, Chronicler
Barony of Dun Carraig, Atlantia

PS - Bring your dancing shoes, Alesia!
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