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Archery at Quest for the Hol(e)y Moose

Poster: Lorenzo <detoma@erols.com>


archery at Quest for the Hol(e)y Moose will feature a Gambler's Shoot, a
Zig-Zag shoot, and a Hidden Target Shoot. 

Of course, the activities of the day will be capped by what everyone has
been waiting a whole year for: a chance to shoot the incredibly cranky
Moose! If you thought the Moose Hunt was tough last year, well, I hope
you've been practicing! This year you will have to negotiate a maze and
avoid "stones" hurled by cyclops, and that's just to get at the quicker and
meaner Moose! You will need golf tubes (but no armour) to hunt the Beast.

The target archery will take place outdoors, starting at 10am with
Practice/Royal Rounds until 11:00. The Hunt for the Moose will take place
sometimes in mid-afternoon. The other shoots will be scheduled before and
after the Hunt. If some time remains before feast, we may do a clout shoot,
get you ready for the tournament at Coronation. The activities will take
place outside, but in case of inclement weather we will be able to shoot

If you have any questions, please let me know. Hope to see you there!


- Lorenzo 

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