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Date: Mar 05 '99, 07:38
Attr: Loc 
From: Dave Aronson, (1:109/120.0)
To  : dragonfyr@tycho.com, (1:109/120.0)
Subj: An apology
"Louise Sugar" <dragonfyr@tycho.com> writeth:

 d> I apologize for forwarding to the Merry Rose the filk I found
 d> on the garb list and and humbly beg your collective pardon.  It
 d> has been called to my attention that by posting/forwarding said
 d> post that I was exposing the SCA thru the Atlantia list to
 d> prosecution for copywrite infringement since said filk was done
 d> to the tune of Hello Young Lovers by Rodgers and Hammerstein.

The music is nothing to worry about, so long as you don't reproduce the
music itself, such as transcribing the tune or performing it in such a
way that others can hear.  (Note that profit and recording are
irrelevant).  Several Supreme Court decisions have backed this up, such
as people suing MAD Magazine back in their early days.  Even more more
extensive protection was afforded the Beastie Boys over their parody of
Pretty Woman; I have not heard it, but am told it stuck mostly to the
original lyrics, but parodized it by tone of voice, sound effects, etc.

As for the words, technically you are supposed to get permission before
spreading it around, but methinks anybody who posts a filk to a garb
list isn't going to be bothered, and indeed would probably be tickled
pink to have the work reposted elsewhere.  Indeed, I don't recall, but
it may have said something like "license to reproduce fully granted" or
some such (as mine often do), or if the author wanted to be restrictive,
"all rights reserved".

For more info, ask in the FILK Echo (probably known better to you as

As for WHO would be prosecuted, it would only be you.  Lawyers are
infamous for including anyone they can in a suit (law, that is, not
Brooks Bros.!), but it should be pretty easy for the SCA, the list
maintainers, etc. to get a judge to toss out their inclusion.
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