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RE: photos

Poster: "Juliet Carnell" <juliet.carnell@usa.net>

It is legal to take anyone's picture (if not always ethical), but it is
another thing entirely to publish or sell such a picture. The gray area here
is what constitutes publishing in today's web connected world? So far there
have been no laws that define a web page as anything other than a published
document, this makes a web page an open target for legal action. The courts
have been split all over the place on this and it doesn't help that a web
page can be viewed in any country on earth and may conceivably be called
upon to conform to their laws. Until the governments of the world get
together and decide, legally speaking, just what a web page is you take your
chances every time you post something. YMMV.

Juliet, Mundane Webmaster for an international publisher

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Poster: krztina@mindspring.com

I may be spouting off utter nonsense...however I don't think you need to
permission of the person you are photographing to publish...I know this may
an extreme example but the law allows one to film another person without
person's consent...this was in the news recently when people placed video
cameras in bathrooms and such and video taped other ppl without their
According to the law it was allowed....you are NOT allowed to video tape
in the changing rooms. *shrug* go figure. I don't see why this can't apply
photographs as well. Photos are constantly being taken and published without
people's permission....I don't see how it can't be allowed on web pages.
Anyway....just my two cents

Sister Katherine

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