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Re: photos

Poster: "MTR/AAHR" <wolffe@onslowonline.net>

In my not quite so humble opinion, if a person doesn't want pictures taken
of themselves, then they need to tell people in charge of wherever they are,
be it a SCAdian event or otherwise, that they prefer not to be photgraphed.
Then it is up to whomever is in charge wether to ban cameras from that event
or not. Of course, if you didn't want a picture taken, then stay home!
Yes, my website has pics of people from all types of events. But they are MY
pictures, not someone else's. When the goverment tells me I can't post MY
OWN pictures on MY website, then sorry, but that's censorship and againest
my rights as an american citizen.
If anyone sees themselves on my page, and emails me, saying they would
prefer not to be on that page, fine, not a problem. I'lltake that pic off
and replace it with another.  As it stands now, I have had no problems with
my page, and don't forsee any in the near future.
Again, in my opinion, if you don't want pics of yourself taken, then stay
home, be a hermit, because the goverment themselves have those nifty little
satelites up there orbiting and they take pics everyday without telling the
people in them. And what about those newspapers that take pics of accidents?
And of the people in trouble or winning something? Do they get asked, as
they are walking along if they mind having their picture published?
Just glad I don't ever plan to be a Chronicler, I'd never get newsletters
done, I'd be too busy running around getting permission to use stuff for
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From: Juliet Carnell <juliet.carnell@usa.net>
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>Poster: "Juliet Carnell" <juliet.carnell@usa.net>
>It is legal to take anyone's picture (if not always ethical), but it is
>another thing entirely to publish or sell such a picture. The gray area
>is what constitutes publishing in today's web connected world? So far there
>have been no laws that define a web page as anything other than a published
>document, this makes a web page an open target for legal action. The courts
>have been split all over the place on this and it doesn't help that a web
>page can be viewed in any country on earth and may conceivably be called
>upon to conform to their laws. Until the governments of the world get
>together and decide, legally speaking, just what a web page is you take
>chances every time you post something. YMMV.
>Juliet, Mundane Webmaster for an international publisher
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>Poster: krztina@mindspring.com
>I may be spouting off utter nonsense...however I don't think you need to
>permission of the person you are photographing to publish...I know this may
>an extreme example but the law allows one to film another person without
>person's consent...this was in the news recently when people placed video
>cameras in bathrooms and such and video taped other ppl without their
>According to the law it was allowed....you are NOT allowed to video tape
>in the changing rooms. *shrug* go figure. I don't see why this can't apply
>photographs as well. Photos are constantly being taken and published
>people's permission....I don't see how it can't be allowed on web pages.
>Anyway....just my two cents
>Sister Katherine
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