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Re: photos

Poster: Manly Summerfield <jophelia@yahoo.com>

> Yes, my website has pics of people from all types of events. But
they are MY
> pictures, not someone else's. When the goverment tells me I can't
post MY
> OWN pictures on MY website, then sorry, but that's censorship and
> my rights as an american citizen.
> If anyone sees themselves on my page, and emails me, saying they would
> prefer not to be on that page, fine, not a problem. I'lltake that
pic off
> and replace it with another.  As it stands now, I have had no
problems with
> my page, and don't forsee any in the near future.

I have to agree with this good gentle. My husband is a photographer
and an employee of a major camera company. The film, picture, negative
and image are property of the picture taker and the photographer is
free to do with them as he pleases (From my understanding I will
double check with my husband and get his word and get him to give me a
final answer) I love seeing pictures of events up on webpages where I
can admire peoples creativity and garb. If you dont want your picture
taken, tell the person taking the picture. If you see your image on a
site or in a newsletter write to the author and ask them to take it
down. My husband always asks to take a persons picture (or tries to)
but he cannot always accomidate background people.

*With a grin and a wink to her dear friend Medb, "Now arent you glad
you stirred up this discussion:)"
Go mbeannai Dia is Muire duit

Manly, currently trying the name
Murigheal inghean Anluain ui Ogain
Falcon Cree

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