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Re: Photos on SCA Websites (was: Filk, email, and copyright)

Poster: "Morghana" <Morghana@att.net>

I've read the cited web documents.

The requirements stated here on the Merry Rose by both Julien and Rabah go
in excess of what is published on the cited web document.

If there have been changes, and indeed if signed models' releases are now
needed (or the equivalent permission), then the web document needs to be
updated to state precisely that.  It doesn't in its' current form.

If Atlantia wants to make its policy more restrictive, that is certainly the
Kingdom's right.  However, if Atlantia wants to hold people accountable to
it, these most specific rules/laws needs must be published, publically
available, and no surprise to those who are webbing sites that help
promulgate Atlantia and the SCA out on the 'net.


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From: Julien de Montfort <julien@spiaggia.org>
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Date: Monday, March 08, 1999 8:42 AM
Subject: Re: Photos on SCA Websites (was: Filk, email, and copyright)

>I don't know about the 'recognizable face' clause mentioned by Rabah,
>but the general Atlantian Chronciler's Policies on Copyright can be
>found at http://acorn.maxson.com/policies.htm.
>I do know that a huge packet of Copyright and the SCA
>articles/guidlines were handed out at the Unevent Chronciler's meeting.
>This isn't necessarily a legal issue -- it's an SCA issue.  The SCA (or
>any particular Kingdom) is free to be more restrictive than what the
>mundane law allows.  Mundane Law may say you only need A, but Atlantian
>policy may say that you also need B.

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