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Re: Cap of maintenance? (was Pelican Cloaks)

Poster: "James Pratt" <cathal@mindspring.com>

> > ... The lining of the cap shall be PLUMETTY ARGENT GOUTTE DE SANG."
> > 
> > 	The differencing of the ermine brim with the plumetty would seem 
> > sufficient rather than a total reservation.  But the tastes of 
> > rampant bureaucracy can never be divined. (sigh)
> As a horribly ignorant person, could I request a translation into
> common-use English (alright, common-use American) please? I know what
> "argent" is, I know what "ermine" is (where does it say "ermine" in the
> original?) - I just have no idea what the rest of it means. Help, help!

	The cap of maintenance in period had an upturned brim which was 
almost always depicted as being lined with ermine (white fur with 
black spots).  The original charter for the Order of the Pelican 
specified that the upturned brim of its cap show white feathers 
(plumetty argent) with the tips red (goutte de sang) to represent the 
drops of blood from the vulning of the Pelican in its piety.

	Thus my point was that the specificity of the original charter
declaring a different decoration on the cap's  brim should have 
sufficed to render it apart from the period cap.  The same section 
of the charter continues in the matter of the cap itself  by 
establishing that those who receive the Order from the Board of
Directors (the first 5 members to be given the Order in the Known 
Worlde) should have a purple cap while those who receive it from the 
hands of the Crown should have a red cap.

	I hope the foregoing clarifies the matter.


"Duty is the sublimest word in our language.
Do your duty in all things.  You cannot do 
more, you should never wish to do less."
Robert E. Lee

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