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Re: Need advice on web groups! (med length)

Poster: "D'elle Monte" <SCHOENTHALERM@jefferson.student.wlu.edu>

It's true that we have a mailing list and a website and god knows 
what else for Atlantian e-sources, but SixDegrees is basically an 
online community where people find out how they're connected to other 
people in the world. My purpose in wanting to start an Atlantian 
group is not necessarily to be a resource to Atlantians, but:

1) a resource to non-Scadians who might be interested in medieval 
	groups in the VA area. In SixDegrees, you can search for groups that 
	you might be interested in, and therefore, someone who had never 
	heard of the SCA might find out about their local group in this way. 

2) a support group for Atlantians which is convenient as well. 
	Digging around the Atlantian site for information might be annoying 
	for some people. Others might not like the flood of email they get 
	from the Merry Rose which doesn't necessarily apply to them. In 
	SixDegrees, they have the option to receive posts by email or by 
	site only. So they would be able to check the bulletin boards at 
	their leisure, or receive info by email if they wished.

SixDegrees also features group chatrooms, for people who might enjoy 
a real-time chat rather than email discussions,  DegreeMail, a 
message system that allows mail communication without revealing your 
email address (for those who prefer anonymity), and a few other 
helpful options and tools. It's worth checking out = )

Enough plugging for SixDegrees! = )

Fare thee well,
Chantal deBellevallee

D'elle Monte - 
It's a household name.
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