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Re:Photojournalist's perspective on photos.

Poster: SCAVard@aol.com

That was a very nice essay on public photography, but I remind the author (and
the readers) that the original questions that were being asked had to do with
publication of photographs within Atlantia's newsletters, a topic near and
dear to my heart.

Those questions were succinctly and summarily answered by Sayyid Rabah az
Zafar, Atlantia's Kingdom Chronicler, when he restated Kingdom policy on this

True, Kingdom policy is much more stringent than "law" or "custom", but that
policy is not *nearly* as ambiguous as public law.  More importantly, it's the
LAW OF THE LAND within Atlantia, and is *not* open to debate.  Every Atlantian
Chronicler who holds a warrant from the Kingdom Chronicler's office has the
duty to uphold those policies, period. So while a debate on mundane photograph
"law" may be of interest to some people, it has little bearing on the matter
at hand.

(And I was a TV Photojournalist once also.  KODE TV-12, Joplin, MO)

// Vard //

Lord Edvard Gayer, Chronicler
Barony of Dun Carraig, Atlantia
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