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I tried to mail this twice and have had no reply. Please let me know if
it it going out. Thank you.
Lord Reinhardt Von Grafsvald

---- Begin included message ----
Does Anyone have the E-mail addres for Duke Sir Cuan? I wish to thank
him for his generousity in giving his sword to me and my house brother
for fighting with him at Coronation. We were both so struck by the
gesture that we just stood there like idiots. Sir Andeas (our Knight
)made us fight for it and I am the proud owner of the fine weapon and
would like to tell him how honored I was at his kindness to us. It was
the kind of act that makes him a knight of the highest caliber in my
    The sword had a Micheal of Bedford stainless steel basket hilt on it
that I was told he  does not make anymore (and I have lusted after since
I first saw one). This is the kind of thing that makes me want to aspire
to knighthood so I might some day make a fighter feel the way he made me
feel at coronation.Vivat Duke Sir Cuan!

Lord Reinhardt Von Grafsvald
(House Bloodguard)
---- End included message ----