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derbfine vs. tanisty

Poster: Bob & Diana Cosby <cosby@erols.com>

Robert J Welenc wrote: Please define "Scottish", my lady.  Scots (a
cousin language of English)  or Scottish Gaelic (a cousin language of
Irish Gaelic)?

    Thank you very much for your reply. I received another answer that
it is indeed Irish.  This message spawns from a discussion about
derbfine vs. tanisty and how these factors played an influence when the
House of Balloil and the House of Bruce vied for the throne of Scotland.
I wondered if the words that I'd posted were 'proper' terminology for
the Scottish lowands for the late 1200's.  Again, thank you sincerely
for your assistance.
Ha det sa bra,
Diana Cosby

1.Fir – Truth (cases involving property , allegiance or perjury)
2.Dliged – Entitlement (enforces contractual rights)
3.Cert – Justice (to balance unfair contracts)
4.Téchtae – Propriety (affects servile dependence or very old issues)
5.Coirn-athchomairc – Proper Inquiry (a catch all when none of the above

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