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Company of the Banner, or what the heck was my augmentation? (fwd)

Poster: clevin@ripco.com (Craig Levin)

Mistress Rhiannon:

> Recently, I have received several requests regarding the display of the
> augmentation Duke Cuan gave at Pennsic two years ago to the Company of the
> Banner.

Steer them my way-I've had a webpage about augmentations and
abatements of honor
<http://pages.ripco.com:8080/~clevin/abate.html> up for several

> For those requested the information (and for others who might be
> interested), it was a gold unicornate seahorse, carrying a gold lance and
> pennon (a lance with a small, yield-sign shaped, triangular banner attached
> to the top) in its tail.  The lance and pennon by necessity of a seahorse's
> construction, jut out at a slight angle from the body of the seahorse.

Hm. A fieldless augmentation. Usually, as in the Dodge
augmentation by Edward I, such an augmentation is added to the
arms in a prominent place.

> Augmentations are granted by the Crown and can be displayed in a number of
> manners.  One such way is to place them "in canton" on your device.  This
> means putting them in the upper left (as you are facing the device) corner.
>  Another way is to display them as a crest atop a helm.  Master Herveus? 
> Would you care to comment on other ways to use augmentations?

This augmentation being fieldless, it could indeed be used as a
crest. Placing the augmentation in canton may not necessarily
work here; however, if the augmentation were fielded (as many
were, such as the Pelham augmentation), displaying the
augmentation as a canton or a chief might not be a bad idea, nor,
as in the Pelham case, would displaying it as a quartering be a
bad idea.

In Service,

Pedro, Drakkar

Craig Levin
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