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Re: Company of the Banner, or what the heck was my augmentation?

Poster: Michael Houghton <herveus@Radix.Net>

Triton lobbed into play:
> Gentle cousins,
> Recently, I have received several requests regarding the display of the
> augmentation Duke Cuan gave at Pennsic two years ago to the Company of the
> Banner.
> For those requested the information (and for others who might be
> interested), it was a gold unicornate seahorse, carrying a gold lance and
> pennon (a lance with a small, yield-sign shaped, triangular banner attached
> to the top) in its tail.  The lance and pennon by necessity of a seahorse's
> construction, jut out at a slight angle from the body of the seahorse.
> Augmentations are granted by the Crown and can be displayed in a number of
> manners.  One such way is to place them "in canton" on your device.  This
> means putting them in the upper left (as you are facing the device) corner.
>  Another way is to display them as a crest atop a helm.  Master Herveus? 
> Would you care to comment on other ways to use augmentations?
Well, one really cool way would be to use this as a helm crest. Imagine the
effect of a whole bunch of people lining up in the field battle with such a
crest atop their helms! 

Then there is the particular treatment Vlad used... His arms feature otters
armed with glaives. The two in chief are combattant, and Spike got stuck
between them. I'm not certain, but Spike looks a wee bit nervous there. :)

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