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List Admin, Viruses, et al...

Poster: "Tanner Lovelace" <lovelace@cs.unc.edu>


I seemed to have provoked a bigger discussion than I thought I would.
For anyone that I have inadvertently offended in personal e-mail,
I apologize.  You should never write a bunch of e-mails on the
same topic right after having a fever for four days straight.

However, I still must insist that the Merry Rose is not the place
for people to post virus/security warnings.  Take this one for example:
The Melissa virus only affects PCs.  Not everyone on our mailing
list uses PCs.  Some use Macs and others use various unix variants.
For them, this warning helped them not one bit.  On the contrary,
it cluttered up their inbox with an e-mail they didn't need.  What
about those people...?

Also, the charter of the Merry Rose says that "The Merry Rose exists to
discuss topics of interest to the Kingdom of Atlantia in the Society
for Creative Anachronism." (Taken directly from question 1.1 of the
FAQ which can be found at http://merryrose.atlantia.sca.org.)  Computer
Viruses do not fall under "topics of interest to the Kingdom of
Atlantia..."  They are not period.  They do not help/hinder us in our
latest project.  They are a side issue completely.  In other words,
this is not what this list is for!  There is an appropriate time
and place for everything, and the Merry Rose is not an appropriate
place for this kind of content.

Some people have said that they had no other way to get this information.
To those people I would say that the Internet is much bigger than
our little portion of it.  Go out and find what you want without
depending on others to bring things to you.  (Isn't that the way life

If, however, you feel that you absolutely must know when the latest
virus warnings come out, I include here three net resources for you to
look at.  All three have mailing lists that you can subscribe to which
will e-mail you up to the minute information about security issues
(which should *not* be forwarded to this list).  You can therefore
keep yourself informed and help keep traffic down on the Merry Rose.

Computer Incident Advisory Capability (CIAC) http://ciac.llnl.gov/

To subscribe to this list, follow these instructions:

Send e-mail to: majordomo@rumpole.llnl.gov

In the BODY (not subject) of the message put:

subscribe ciac-bulletin

You should receive a response from the mailing list server within 30
This list requires confirmation of a subscription before you are added to
the list -- this is to resolve some problems we have had with people signing
each other up to mailing lists they didn't wish to be on. Simply follow the
instructions in the confirmation message and you will receive the welcome
information from the list showing you have been successfully subscribed.
If you have any problems in using these commands to getting
subscribed/unsubscribed to one of the mailing lists after trying
these instructions, please feel free to send email to
owner-majordomo@rumpole.llnl.gov or ciac@ciac.org for assistance.


What is Bugtraq?

Bugtraq is a full-disclosure UNIX security mailing list, (see the info file)
started by Scott Chasin <chasin@crimelab.com>. To subscribe to bugtraq, send
mail to listserv@netspace.org containing the message body subscribe bugtraq.

Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) http://www.cert.org/

The CERTŪ Advisory Mailing List

We send email copies of our advisories, summaries, and vendor-initated
to each address on the CERT mailing list. We use the list only to notify you
computer-related security problems and issues, and we PGP sign our mail.
that we do not release the names or addresses on our mailing list.

Subscribing to the CERTŪ Advisory Mailing List

To subscribe to the cert-advisory mailing list, send email to
cert-advisory-request@cert.org . In the subject line, type
SUBSCRIBE your-email-address.

For example, the subject line might look like this:

Subject: SUBSCRIBE me@myplace.com

In service,
Lord Kendrick Wayfarer
Listkeeper, Merry Rose

P.S. While I'm harping on things, let me ask everyone to please
check your e-mail program and make sure that you are not sending
HTML e-mail.  Not only can many people not read it, but every single
person subscribed to the digest receives it as a bunch of gibberesh.
If you use Outlook, Netscape, or any Windows-based client, please
check to make sure you are sending "plain text."  Thanks.
Tanner Lovelace                  Department of Computer Science
lovelace@cs.unc.edu              UNC-Chapel Hill, CB #3175
http://www.cs.unc.edu/~lovelace  Chapel Hill, NC  27599-3175

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