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Rhubarb? Toxic? (Was Re[2]: Rosine's Riddle)

Poster: Eli White <eliwhite@bellatlantic.net>

At 09:01 AM 3/31/99 -0500, REAMESD1 wrote:
>*Caveat to general readers:  do NOT eat raw rhubarb, it's toxic! 

Really?  If so, then I should be dead.

I thought that just the leaves of Rhubarb were toxic.  Not the stalks

When I was young I used to chew on raw rhubarb all the time, and my mother
never did anything 'special' to it when she made rhubarb cobblers.  Just
threw the rhubarb into a pie crust with lots of sugar and baked.

So do I and my family have a special resistance to rhubarb poison?  Or am I


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