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Re: Rhubarb? Toxic? (fwd)

Poster: SCAEtain@aol.com

Greetings again,

<<> Gosh, you think they could have simply put up a sign, "Please don't eat
> our displays." ;-)

For that matter, you'd think that people would know enough not to
eat random herbs.>>

Actually, Historic St. Mary's City is right next to St. Mary's College of Md.
And The rhubarb was planted in raised beds full of lots of other fresh
So you take a college kid, with or without the addition of alcohol. Then you
add the fact that they've been eating at the cafeteria all semester, yuk.
Next you stick them near the gardens, which also contain lettuces, carrots,
and fresh herbs, fruit trees, and grape vines...
Plus, it's dark 'cause it's the middle of the night when they're out running
around (hey, the college is in the middle of nowhere, what else are they gonna

It all adds up to a bad situation if the kids eat the baby rhubarb leaves. And
signs don't help because they're not even supposed to be in there after the
museum closes. Besides, signs aren't period *grin* 
So that's why they don't plant rhubarb anymore.

(former resident of St. Mary's college (Dun Carraig) and former employee of
the historic St. Mary's City living history museum (where we don't eat rhubarb
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