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A Minstrel's Farewell (song)

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A Minstrel's Farewell
By Eoghan Og Mac Labhrainn
After the traditional Scots song, "Goodnight and Joy."

The day haes brought us tae the nicht,
Lik summer leads us tae the fall.
The fire's fading gentle licht
Dances roun the minstrel's haa.
Familiar faces mark the ball;
Traivelers come fae journeys lang.
Far an near they heed the caa
An hope ti hear the minstrel's sang.

O, I hae wandered far an wide,
On Antlantian roads I've earned ma stay;
An mony's the time when fortune's tide
Left me wi naught but song for pay.
Yet often hae I found ma way
Tae kingly court or baron's haa.
So nou for you, ma song I'll play.
Goodnight and joy be wi you aa.

Of battles won an true love lost,
Of heros past I'll weave ma tale.
Yet mak nae mention o the cost
Afore I bid a fond farewell.
But sud ye choose ti wish me well
Wi goblet full or fuller purse,
Then you'll fare better in ma tale.
Gif no, I fear you'll fare the worse.

Though I wis wayward, you were kind
An sorrowed when I went astray.
A minstrel's een can eke be blind,
An seek ti sleep at end o day.
If e'er I led you frae the way
Forgie a minstrel aince for aa.
A tear faas wi his pairting lay;
Goodnight an joy be wi you aa.

Tighearn Eoghan Og Mac Labhrainn, CP 
Sangster of Scotland and Atlantia
Chronicler of the Militant Society of Bards
Checky Or & Vert, two lions combattant, tails knowed, in base a 
mouse couchant, all within an orle of roundels, Argent.
"A! Fredome is a noble thing. . ."  --John Barbour in The Bruce, 1375
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