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Re: May KMoAS Letter- More info about KA&SFestival


It has been brought to my attention that more information about two
aspects of KA&S Festival would be appreciated.

First of all there will NOT be a super large competition with many
different categories in just about every art this year.  Due to the
problems encured last year (finding judges, judging discrepancies,
trying to muddle through the large amounts of entries, organizing
entries and judging sheets, time consuming) the super large competition
will not occur.  I would encourage all those opponents to this action to
attend this year and see if it is sorely missed.  

Instead the only competitions will be the ones mentioned in my May Acorn
letter.  It is my hope that these categories will be rotated through
over the years to cover the various arts practiced in the Kingdom.

I would encourage those who had planned to enter the multi category
super competition to instead display your art throughout the day.  This
can be done either in the Open Display area, during the Laurel Prize
Tourney (details TBD), or on active display, by showing all in
attendance who choose to gather how to do your art, rather than simply
showing the finished product.  I hope this clears up some confusion.

Second of all, the Veil competition.  Veils must be worn, either by the
entrant, or a model for the entrant during the judging, and hopefully
during the day.  Documentation is highly encouraged.  (I have a basic
template to follow drawn up by the lovely and talented Dame Lyanna if
you want a guide to follow.)  Please at least provde a photo copy of the
veil you are attempting to reproduce.  The entrants will have the
opportunity to talk to the judges since the veil is to be judged on a
model.  Times of judging and entering will be determined later once a
schedule is more set.

In Service,
Genevieve d'Aquitiane
org:Learning Applications Development and Support;University of Maryland University College
title:IT Support Assistant
adr;quoted-printable:;;Inn & Conference Center Rm 0300=0D=0AUniversity Blvd @ Adelphi Rd;College Park;MD;20742;USA
fn:Jennifer Thies