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Poetry Display and Competition

Poster: Suzanne Metzler <SMETZLER/0002152178@MCIMAIL.COM>

Oyez!  Oyez!  Let All Poets Draw Nigh!

By leave of Their Majesties, King Stephan and Queen Niobe, at Spring
Crown Tournament in Black Diamond, on May 1, 1999, there shall be a
Poetry Display and Competition sponsored by the Poetae Atlantiae.
Interested parties should contact Lady Tehair MacDiarmada (Sue
Metzler) (contact information below).

POETRY DISPLAY: The Poetry Display is open to anyone who would like
comments on their work but is not yet ready or interested in entering
competitions. The themes of poems in the Display should be period or
SCA-related. There is no performance requirement for entering the
Poetry Display. This is an excellent chance to display works in
progress, try a new style or get some pointers on documentation or style. 

POETRY COMPETITION: There will also be a Poetry Competition with two
classes of entrants: Novice (you have entered less than three poetry
competitions ever or you have been writing poetry for less than one
year) and Open (you have entered more than three poetry
competitions ever or you have been writing poetry for more than a
year). There will also be two possible categories in which to enter
(Period and SCA-related). A winner will be chosen for each class and

1. The theme of any entry in either category must be related to
"Courtesy On or Off the Tourney Field." All entries must be performed
(as well as being submitted in written form -please provide two copies
of the poem). There should be an attempt at period style and imagery.
Each entrant can only enter in one class and one category although
tied candidates will be asked to present a second period piece in a
different style. Please provide documentation, though it need not be
extensive. Joint entries are permissible (but both entrants need to be
in the same Class, indicate who did what, and both need to perform).

2. Category One shall consist of poems using period content, style and
imagery and presentation set within our historical era only. (For the
purposes of this competition, "our era" is defined as pre-1600, but
please use judgment with regard to what of ancient history was known
in the Middle Ages and Renaissance.)

3. Category Two shall consist of poems related to SCA topics, but
material must be presented with period content, and in a period
presentation and style. No obviously post-period material is
acceptable in this competition. (In other words, your filk song about
the how the king lost his crown at Sears, set to the tune of Oklahoma,
may be very funny, but it is too obviously modern.)

4. No single piece may last more than seven minutes of performance
time, inclusive of introductions. Introductions should be short and
concise, but should include sufficient documentation. (This time limit
is due to constraints in the schedule and we hope will keep things

5. Each entrant and entry will be judged according to (i) use of
period imagery, (ii) use of period style and conventions, (iii)
complexity of the piece, (iv) documentation (v) skill in performance
(vi) entertainment value, and (vii) overall impression.

If you have further questions or wish to express your interest in
competing, please contact the Poetae Atlantiae, Lady Tehair
MacDiarmada (Sue Metzler), 9301 48th Place, College Park, MD 20740.
h(301) 474-3344 w (202) 736-6137 email: suzanne.metzler@mci.com

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