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FW: H-COST: Medieval Tailor's Assistant

Poster: "Gregory Stapleton" <gregsta@perigee.net>

Gawain Kilgore

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Subject: H-COST: Medieval Tailor's Assistant

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>>I hope this helps!  (Note, Quite Specific Media Group is the same outfit
that publishes Arnold's "Patterns of Fashion" series.)  Mr. Bean told me by
e-mail that his company is planning a new book to be called the "Medieval
Tailor's Assistant."  It will be interesting to see if it is any better than
Hunnisett's book.
>>Katharine Whisler

I saw the planned section on men's jerkins for the "Medieval Tailor's
Assistant", as well as meeting Ruth and Nigel Bean - both lovely people, and
one of the NICE things that happened to me that weekend <smile>. It's pretty
much going to be aimed at the re-enactors/recreationist market, serious
research with patterns (usable even by the sewing-impaired such as myself).
I was very impressed, and can't wait till it comes out. I think it'll an
invaluable aid for a great many of us.

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