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Stilhavn Collegium April 18th

Poster: "Terry L. Neill" <longshipco@hotmail.com>

                      Stilhavn Collegium

The Northern area of Atlantia (proposed as the area of Stilhavn) is 
sponsoring a Collegium. Come join us for a low-key event with 
classes! The event is on Sunday April 18 and starts at 12:00pm and 
runs until 5:00pm.

Site Info: The site is the same as the March Stilhavn Organization 
Meeting at the Northeast Community Center in Chesapeake Beach, MD. In 
the event of an emergency, the site phone number is (410) 257-2554. 
There is NO FOOD allowed in the building, though you may eat on the 
deck. Pets are not allowed. The Site is DRY.

Cost: Its FREE! (Except for some materials fees)

Autocrat: Lady Ana Ilevna (Janet M. D'Agostino-Toney), 3501 Carroll 
Avenue; Randallstown, MD 21133-3905, (410) 496-5229 (You can call as 
late as you want and leave a message on the machine. To get hold of 
Ana Ilevna in person, call before 9:30 pm) Email sent to 
LongshipCo@hotmail.com will be given to the Autocrat.

Ana Ilevna is also planning another Collegium tentitively scheduled 
for September. She has received requests for classes in Brewing, 
Leatherworking, and Newcomer Information.  If you would like to teach 
any of these classes, or any other class, please contact her.  If you 
would like to see any other class taught, please contact her.

Below is the Schedule for this month’s collegium:

Area A

Noon - 1:00
Period Pasta
Lady Cassandra

Do you believe that Marco Polo brought back pasta from his trip to 
Cathey? Come learn the truth. For an hour we will discuss the history 
and use of period pasta,while making some of our own. There is not a 
cooking facility on site, however you can make pasta to take home 
with you and eat that evening.Everything you will need for the class 
will be provided, no fee charged. Just show up and enjoy! 

No Materials Fee

1:00 - 2:30
Weaving Techniques, fibers and patterns
Mistress Marguerite the Weaver, OL

A discussion and demonstration of various weaving patterns, 
techniques and fibers.  How to select the best for your project.  
Mistress Marguerite will bring several looms with examples.

No Materials Fee

2:30 - 4:00
Twill Beadwork Techniques: Beaded Pouch
Lady Daniella Schwartzhaupt
Limit:  10 people

Project:  A flexible beaded pouch, (that can be made into a 
necklace), made with a beading technique that dates back to Egyptian 
times.  This pouch is made with seed beads and is a stronger and more 
transportable form of beadweaving.  In the class you will also be 
taught how to graph your own designs and use the same techniques to 
create interesting and durable trim, as well as circlets and other 
types of jewelry. (As shown in Fashionable Beauty (Detail: St. 
Dorothy) c. 1500, Master of the Rottal Epitaph by Graz Joanneum.)

Materials Fee:  $10.00 for the kit (everything you will need to make 
the project, including needles, thread, beaswax, carrying case, 
directions and of course beads)

4:00 - 5:00
Bayeux Tapestry Stitch
Ana Ilevna

When William the Conqueror conquered England, a tapestry was made 
depicting the events that lead up to the Battle of Hastings, showing 
why William’s claim to the English Throne held great merit.  The 
stitches used to make this incredible ‘tapestry’ are very easy to 
learn!  They consist of stem stitch, a varient of satin stitch, and 
couching.  Ana Ilevna will show you how it was done, discuss the 
colors used, and how the stitches are made.  No previous embroidery 
experience necessary!  Instructor will provide patterns, material, 
thread and needles.  Please bring snips or scissors.

No Materials Fee.  $0.50 if you want to buy the embroidery hoop.

Area B

Noon - 2:00
Limit:  10 people

Learn to applique, a period technique for, amongst other things, 
making banners!  Basic applique techniques will be taught.  Transfer 
the techniques to your own projects later.  Instructor will provide 
cloth, needles, pins, thread, patterns, toothpicks, etc.  Please 
bring a pair of cloth scisors.

Materials Fee:  $2.00 for the kit.

2:00 - 4:00
Master Tristan Alexander, OL

Demonstration and Discussion of alternate modern pigments for SCA
useage. Acrylics, versus modern water colors and Gouache for use in 
SCA scroll illumination.  Period effects with modern materials!

No Materials Fee

4:00 - 5:00
Wax Carving
Bronach Nalbrjotr and Walter Bowman

Discussion and hands-on demonstration of methods of carving wax 
originals for sand casting. Ana Ilevna, the autocrat, is hoping to 
offer a chance to cast the pieces as a result of this class, perhaps 
at the September Stilhavn Collegium.  Limit 6 for materials. 
Unlimited watching.

Materials Fee: Wax and tools will be available for those who want to 
try it, for a $1 fee.


Noon- 2:00

Dance Practice!  The Usual Third Saturday of the Month Dance Practice 
will run at this time.

2:00 - 3:00
Rest from Dancing or pick-up dances

3:00 - 5:00
Advanced English Country Dance
Fred Blonder

Fred Blonder teaches dance for Thrir Venstri Foetr (Three Left Feet), 
a performance-oriented group. (You may have seen them at the Maryland 
Renaissance Festival, the May Revels or the Oatlands Celtic 
Festival.) Come learn some of the more advanced English Country 

Take your best route to the Washington Beltway (I-495): Go to MD Exit 
11, (Route 4 East, Pennsylvania Avenue). On Rt. 4, go 17 miles to the 
left exit at Route 260 (Chesapeake Beach Rd). Follow Rt 260 to the 
end, 8 miles. Make a right at the 'T' intersection onto Rt. 261 
(Bayside Road) and go about 1/4 mile to Gordon Stinnett Avenue. Make 
a right on Gordon Stinnett Avenue and then turn left immediately past 
the waterpark into the parking lot. The Center is the large gray 
building with the very blue roof. The entrance is by the flagpole.

[Additional directions from other parts of the area can be found at 
http://members.aol.com/scavard/dance.htm or in the Acorn.]

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