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[nottinghill-coill] Urgent Request - Reminder

Poster: Missy Walters <missy@greenwood.net>

>    Greetings!
>I apologize in advance for those of you who receive  multiple copies of this.
>I am trying to send it to as many individuals in the  area as is possible. We
>just received confirmation from the Come-See-Me  Festival that we are
>definitely in the parade on April 11th. This is to  remind all of you of our
>very urgent need for participants in the Parade. Our  canton, Tridroichead,
>has been invited to march in the parade along with the  Civil War Re-enactors
>and other groups. We desperately need volunteers,  dressed in their finest
>garb, bringing their banners.
>The parade is on  April 11th (this Sunday) and starts gathering in Rock Hill
>between 1:30 and  2:00. I will be at Passage of the East this weekend or you
>can call me at  (803) 366-8937 for more details. People are welcome to come
>to my house (a  few blocks from the parade starting area) and change into
>   Wear comfortable shoes as it is a nice walk. (I'll know just
>how long as soon  as I measure it out)
>Please help us out with this. It is a very good way  to give Rock Hill a good
>impression of the SCA and help our group's image in  the area.   -Deirdre
>Seneschal, Tridroichead

This is something those of us attending Passage East may be interested in

Missy Walters

Brigh Aine ni Eireannach
House Tieglion Ban
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