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Re: On Open A&S Competitions

Poster: "Greg Lindahl" <lindahl@pbm.com>

> In other words, this was the 
> equivalent of Crown Tourney for the kingdom artisans and meant to be on the 
> same level as Crown Tourney.  As an artisan, I think this is absolutely 
> essential to a well-balanced kingdom.

I disagree. This is a yet another completely non-historical practice,
and it would probably annoy and un-motivate about as many people as it
would motivate.

> But how do we know who the experts are unless we all get together 
> occasionally to meet them?

That's what the Kingdom Arts Fest provides. You don't have to have an
open competition in order to draw all the experts.

I suspect there's more than a bit of cultural anthropology going on here.

-- Gregory Blount
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