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Re: On Open A&S Competitions

SNSpies@aol.com wrote:
> Poster: SNSpies@aol.com
> MOAS Genevieve has addresses several concerns she has with, I assume, last year's Kingdom A & S Festival.  

Lady Ingvild assumes incorrectly.  A gentle Lady of the realm asked me
for my reasons in general for asking to have no Open Competitions in
Atlantia.  This was a statement I made at Unevent, and in a letter to my
local officers.  This letter was dealing with Open Competitions in
general, and was in no way related to the Kingdom Arts and Sciences
Festival, either to come or in the past.  I thought that if one sweet
lady wanted to know my reasons, then perhaps, so did many other people. 
This was my reasoning for posting the previous message to the Merry

She is correct in that the "Cum Competition" at Kingdom Arts and
Sciences Festival last year was not an Open competition, but rather a
large competition divided into many categories.  Once again, not related
to my letter regarding Open Competitions.

In Service,
Genevieve d'Aquitaine
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