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Re: On Open A&S Competitions

Poster: Nancy Davis <nancyad@mindspring.com>

Ingvild wrote:

>I'm sorry, but I don't remember any wide-open categories from last year's 

The 12 month project, displayed downstairs, was an open category.
Unfortunately, it did compare apples and oranges. And I believe there were

The individual categories, displayed upstairs, were certainly wonderful in
quality and variety. I seem to remember Celynen's having difficulty
obtaining adequate judges. And she was trying in advance. 

Last year was only the second time this event has been held. I think we are
still working on getting it right. Genevieve, as KMoAS, is working on
improving the way competitions are run, not just at the A&S Festival, but
throughout the kingdom. 

One thing to remember is that we do not have to compete. If no one must be
called a winner in a general, open display, the focus can be on
constructive comments, learning, recognition, praising effort/progress, ...
and no one loses.  One of the great things about this event is the amazing
amount of really fine work that is displayed. There are so many wonderful
things to see and learn about. And having winners in a dozen sub-categories
really is not important in the long run. 

My 2 cents,

Lady Ysolt la Bretonne, CoP
MoAS Buckston-on-Eno
Deputy KMoAS for NC
Member of the Queen's Guard
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