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Re: tax deductions

Poster: Kathleen M Hogan <kathleen.hogan@juno.com>

On Wed, 14 Apr 1999 07:40:22 GMT SCA-Atlantia@f120.n109.z1.fidonet.org
(SCA-Atlantia) writes:
>Kathleen M Hogan <kathleen.hogan@juno.com> writeth:
> kh> the membership minus the value of the TI subscription, is tax
> kh> deductible as a charitable donation.  (I'm an accountant...)
>But what is that value?  Isn't it officially the whole amount of the 
>basic "with subscription" membership?  Or would it be the difference
>between  that and the "without subscription" membership?

The $20 Associate or  "without subscription" membership amount is the
amount deductible.  In addition, if you make any additional contribution
over and above the $35 sustaining membership, that additional amount is
tax deductible.  Money spent for event fees or to purchase publications
is not deductible.  Mileage going to and from demos held for schools is
deductible.  Mileage to and from events or demos for fairs, craft shows,
towns, etc  is not.  The value of items donated to the SCA for group use
(not resale or to be given as prizes or gifts) is deductible. The
important part to this is where ownership of the asset will lie...if it
is with the SCA (ie regalia) it is deductible if it will be with an
individual it is not.

This is all as of the 1998 tax year.   I spoke with a senior field
representative of the IRS at about this at a seminar he was giving for
our student chapter of the Institute for Management Accountants  last
fall.  I was clarifying the rules for myself and those people I do taxes
for and the above is how he explained it to me.

Caitlin nicFhionghuin
House Oak & Thistle
Shire of Bordervale Keep

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