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Date: Apr 15 '99, 07:13
Attr: Loc 
From: Dave Aronson, (1:109/120.0)
To  : Labaran@aol.com, (1:109/120.0)
Subj: Tax deductable?
Labaran@aol.com weites:

 L> You should really check futher.  I have this from the H&R
 L> Block(head) book...

 L> "In general, qualified organizations are nonprofit groups that are
 L> religious, charitable, educational (may apply), scientific, or
 L> literary in nature or that seeks to prevent cruelty to animals or
 L> children.  To be recognized as a charitable organization, an
 L> organization generally must apply to the IRS for an exempt
 L> status."  Do we know that this has been done?

IIRC, we are indeed a 501(c)3 organization, which is not merely tax-exempt
(i.e., the group doesn't pay taxes) but tax-deductible (i.e., donations can
be deducted from the donor's taxable income).  The question is, what is the
value of the goods/services/privileges/etc. we receive as members?  (That
is, how much do we subtract from our dues to find our donations?)

Disclaimer: I am not now, nor have I ever been, a lawyer nor an accountant.
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