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Good Gentles All

Poster: Gwyneth Anne Bronwynne Jones <cymrugal@bcpl.net>

Good eve good gentles all 
of the Merry Rose,
to any of you who attended the Barony of Lochmere's "A Night on the Town
IV...in the charming village of Smeewick" was that not just the most fun
event?? i had a most pleasureable time~! a good time was had by all!
your indulgence please....a few items from a newcommer to the merry rose
(apologies all, after the salutation my shift key button finger gets
lazy!) and to the SCA (well, i do have SOME priorities!) i would ask
your kind assistance.
i am faxing my registration/membership application soon and am still in
a tizzy about which name to register. i *do* have a name, both are
somewhat prounounced the same but the spellings differ.  
one is a more modern (easier to prounounce and spell) version and one is
in the older Irish (older, more impressive and period)
my question ...(at long last!) is....
virtual drum roll]

which to choose?

Option A: Grania O'Flaherty Gruffydd
Option B: Grainne O'Flaithbheeartaigh Gruffydd

Cast your vote, if you will be so kind! 
also feel free to give any and all opinions and advice...
i hunger for knowledge!

oh, i do hope to go to the crown tourney....look for a redhead {lol}
but as yet, have not lined up where to stay, as there are no cabins and
i am bereft of a tent..*really* tempted to score one of those
self-erecting types i see online...[sigh] but really, i aspire to a
period ..pavillion...yet i must say... oh my! cha ching!

merry met and ta, muchly!

a: grania/or 
			should it be b: grainne? 
						but who is also known as gwyneth IRL

POP:	cymrugal@bcpl.net
NET:	gwynedd@rocketmail.com
CONFERENCE: webgrrl@wildmail.com
WORK:	gwynethjones@mail.howard.k12.md.us
eFAX: 508.267.6538
SCA Persona: 
Grania O'Faithbheartaigh Gruffydd
Barony of Lochmere
Kingdom of Atlantia
Cheesy IRL Piccie:
	"Well indeed I'll go!
	 Don't ye know I'll go?
	 To me rightful darlin' laddie
	 Well indeed I'll go!"
			-The Jolly Tinker
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