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Sacred Stone Investiture/Novice Tourney - Lost and Found

Poster: Becky McEllistrem <beckymc@MICROSOFT.com>

Greetings fair Atlantia from Lady Rebecca the Contrary, autocrat of Sacred
Stone Investiture.

First the obligatory Lost and Found List some of which may be claimed

one canvas bag with wooden handles containing a smallish white pillow and
other things
one black hat with a small rim
one silver ring in a very cool shape
one earring
several goblets both wooden and glass
one wooden folding chair which appears to be broken (is that why it was

Secondly the start of my Thank yous: <G>

I knew that I'd be working a lot as an autocrat but I never realized how
many others would work so hard all day!  I'm truly grateful and please
forgive me for any names I might have missed.  This may be long with many
updates but I felt it was the least I could do.  (I KNOW I'm forgetting
folks so please feel free to chime in.)  I'll say one thing after
autocratting at this event.  I feel completely sympathetic to any autocrats
and if you as autocrat ever see me at your event don't ever feel shy about
asking for help, even if I'm busy with official business.  If I can't help
you I'll find help for you!

Firstly, thanks to Oshi for creating one of the most stupendous feasts ever.
Thanks to his lady wife: Lady Sine ni Dheaghaidh, to the Honorable Lord
Eldred and Lady Eldreadth for working and cleaning ALL day in the kitchen!
Thanks to Lady Deborah la Viaggiatrice and lady Sybilla who fought constant
wind to keep a troll table out doors.  Thanks to Lady Nia and Lady Aislynn
of the Forest for helping a new MOL through some practicum experience.
Thanks to Duibhasa (sp?) Maeve of Strickenwood for manging lunch in between
order meetings.  Thanks to Master Bran and Wolfgang the Gamesman  for
setting up the hall so well and so quickly with no direction from me.
Thanks to Baroness Deirdre Fletcher the baronial seneschal and my deputy for
this event.  Thanks to Adeliza for making the prizes for the A&S contest and
arranging judges for me.  Thanks to Christoph Bohiem for making the rapier
prize.  Thanks to Lord Philip Bell for managing the Rapier tourney and of
course, to Sir Logan for packing so much fighting into such a tight

For others that I'd like to thank please forgive me for making a list.

Lady Demetria Della Stanza and her daughter Meghan: site tokens in one week
Duchess Arielle the Golden: backup troll
Baroness Aileen of Windmaster's Hill: returning so many tables and chairs to
original locations
Lord Galen Storm, Lord Barnabas of WhiteWater, Asim, and Lord Usef: setting
up tables for feast
Baroness Rosine of Mariness: also setting up tables
Lord Johnathan Blackbow: Carrying incredibly heavy tables to the field
Melloria (sp?) of Bordervale Keep:  helping in the kitchen with lunch
Lord Gawain Kilgore: for babysitting so his wife could troll
Syr William the Stout: backup marshal
Sir William the Stout and Sir Havordh (sp?): returning tales in the Royal
Room to original locations
Kilmeney, Mistress Jessamyne, and Baroness Gwywilf: helping out with troll.
Mistress Rhiannon: heralding court and serving high table
Master Bran: helping servers, high table and the hall
The Hawkwood Servers Guild
Lord Tomas
Baron Achbar for drumming, Asim and others for dancing.
Baron Peter Hawkins for setting up signs and helping with presentations at
Lady Adeliza: for making the A&S prizes and collecting judges

Judging of A&S:
Lady Katherine Wulfesage
Lady Demetria dei Stazi
Mistress Jessamin di Piemonte
who else am I forgetting, I know I saw more.

Thanks to Her Excellency, Mistress Rachel de Johnstone for all the phone
calls and advice during some very stressed out moments, Their Excellencies
Baroness Emer and Baron Duncan for Their advice, patience and trust.

Finally I must thank Their Majesties for Their extreme courtesy, patience
and attendance.

Lady Rebecca the Contrary
Happy, done and a very grateful autocrat!
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