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The Sultan Wants You!

Poster: Wynnie <poohdrum@yahoo.com>

 ...Entire villages threw themselves to the ground at
 the approach of the 
 Ottoman army. It was the Jannisary Band leading the
 Enlist Now in the Jannisary Band for Pennsic XXVIII
 (Lead the army of the best paying kingdom(s) into
 Musicians, Singers, and Non-musicians are Welcome!
 (Horns & Brass, Percussion and cymbals, Chorus, &
 We teach you the music, the words, and the marching
 (one authentic 15th century song will be taught)
 You provide a red kaftan, yellow sash, and white
 turban cloth 
 (scholarships available).
 We turn You into exotic, fearsome Turks to make the
 masses quake!
 There will be 2 practice musters at Pennsic, as well
 as 2 separate 
 A&S classes taught to coincide with the group's
 formation. (This is 
 intended to be a really neat, casual & fun
 If interested contact us and we'll mail you an
 "enlistment" packet 
 with detailed information, photos, and an audio
 Master Karl von Nord Mark (Ted Monnich)
 2601 Cypress Street
 Columbia, SC 29205
 (803) 254-9829
 Please forward this to others (no matter where they
 that you think would be interested!
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