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Poster: Debbie Halstead <jebbydo@yahoo.com>

I have inherited a tent from a rather odd source that, well, would pass
for period (it's actually late 40's/early 50's Sears and Roebuck.) It's
cotton canvas with interior framework -- my question is the color. It's
dull, dark green -- sort of mossy colored. Everything I've seen for
period tents has been white, occasionally with trim. Does anyone know
of any examples of dyed fabric used in tents? (Ugly died fabric, at
that . . .)  Another suggestion I had was to paint it with Kilz primer,
or something similar. Has anyone out there painted a tent? Did the
paint stay on the fabric through being folded and stored? How miserable
was it to fold and pack? Thanks for the help -- 

Deborah the Cynical of Isenfir

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