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Re: Tents

Poster: "Xavier de Lyon" <XavierDeLyon@mindspring.com>

>. Does anyone know
>of any examples of dyed fabric used in tents?

I thought that the some  Viking tents had vertical stripes of various
colors.  The vertical panels being dyed their color. before stitching.

I seem to remember Master Magnus in one of his ring bound collections having
lots of pictures of tents of all sorts of colors.  Several of the tents
looked like the color was dyed in panels verses painted on.

>Has anyone out there painted a tent?

Effenwealt and Arrawyn (sorry about the spelling) of Windmasters have had
some beautiful results with tent painting (detail work on the roof).

-Xavier "Pied dans Bouche" de Lyon

PS: I am moving back to Windmasters the first  week of June!!

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