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MR: Re: Request for Merry Rose List

Poster: TheUrsula@aol.com

JBRMM266 writes:
<<I concur, but when I asked the owner to do it I was told that they didn't 
want to take up the space in the title block>>

I would say to the list owner that I'm talking about using up to four spaces 
of the subject line.  The Windmasters list did it using WH as a marker.  The 
Iron Rose list does it using IR as a marker.  Would this be a hardship to the 
Merry Rose?

Alysoun writes:
<<I don't know about you, but I filter mine by deleting (unread) mail from 
some names I recognize from past and present interminable, irrelevant (to me) 
threads. I would hate to be unable to do that anymore.>>

Why would you be unable to do that anymore if an origin tag of MR was added 
to to postings originating from the Merry Rose?

Alanna writes:
<<Several mailing lists that I am on do this automatically, as part of
resending the message to the full list.  Could this not be done here?>>

That's exactly what I meant. 

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