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OP for Atlantia's Baronies

Poster: SCAVard@aol.com

At Northern Regional Twelfth Night this past January, we had a whole BUNCH of 
pointy hats bouncing around the hall throughout the day.  Come time for 
court, presided over by Their [then] Highnesses, the herald in me got to 
wondering about the Order of Precedence for the assembled Baronage.  I mean, 
which Barony was the eldest, which the youngest, and what was the order for 
the inbetweeners?

I contacted the Kingdom Historian, Baroness Aileen McDonagh, and she 
graciously compiled the Baronial OP for me and sent it along just this 
weekend.  For those interested in such things, I have copied this information 
to the end of this message.

Also, so that it may be available should another herald out there want to get 
their Baronial "ducks" all in a row, as it were, I have slapped that info 
together and have linked it to my (ever growing) collection of web pages.  
That address would be: <http://members.aol.com/SCAVard/op/opbaronies.htm>

My thanks to Her Excellency for her assistance in this endeavor, and my 
thanks to you, the reader, for your kind attention to this missive.

In service, I remain,
// Vard //

Lord Edvard Gayer, Chronicler
Barony of Dun Carraig, Atlantia
Below is the Order of Precedence for the Baronies of Atlantia, listed in 
order of their first Investitures. 

1. Windmaster's Hill (2/19/77) - Baron Brian Malcaoin
2. Caer Mear (1/14/78) - Baron Thomas Edmund de Warrick
3. Storvik (9/15/79) - Baroness Ysabeau Cameron
4. Nottinghill Coill (1/12/80) - Baron Gavin Reynes
5. Tir-y-Don (3/25/81) - Baroness Ann Etheridge of Somerset
6. Sacred Stone (9/6/82) -Baron Jason Michael of Andover and Baroness Susan 
Douglas of Andover
7. Black Diamond (2/4/84) - Baron Ismael ibn Murad
8. Hidden Mountain (3/25/84) - Baron Eldon Ungol of the Phoenix and Baroness 
Marie Simone de Barjavel
9. Marinus (9/26/87) - Baron Donal MacRuiseart and Baroness Catherine de 
10. Lochmere (8/20/88) - Baron Alfred of Cres and Baroness Deidre of Cres
11. Ponte Alto (2/29/92) - Baron Niall McKennett and Baroness Teleri 
12. Dun Carraig (11/11/93) - Baron Adenwald the Hazardous and Baroness Rose 
of Black Diamond
13. Bright Hills (2/12/94) - Baron Heinrich von Kreiner and Baroness Barbara 
Giumaria di Roberto
14. Stierbach (2/21/98) - Baron Ivan Nemyti and Baroness Rowan Berran McDowell

(Note, not listed are the Baronies of Myrkewood and Dinas Moryn, but their 
legacy is the Kingdom around you today.)
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