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Hey you Northern Fighters....

Poster: Duane Moore <poetamilitarus@yahoo.com>

Bryce de Byram, & Christian von Nuremburg from Caer Mear & Galen the
Traveller from Tir-Y-don are coming up for the Silver Springs practice
tonight, so if you didn't get engough of a chance to beat on them at
Storvik's B-day event (which was tres cool, BTW) now's your chance.....

Also, Caer Mear practices are still going strong with about 10 -30
fighters each Tuesday night at Fort Lee working on Tourney, as well as
melle skills. I just thought that i'd remind folks since last week I
was told by a respected Norhtern unbelt that he had "heard that those
practices were pretty stale these days...'
I wonder what the King and Prince (both from Caer Mear, and who
regularly attend that practice think of that...)

Bryce de Byram
Who "loves war and strife more than most men..."
"Nicotinic acid cures pellagra, but a beefsteak prevents it."-
Henry E. Sigerist, medical historian
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