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Whatever happened to...

Poster: BlakHart66@aol.com

Whatever happened to the 'Helm of Ishmael' (I think thats what it was called) 
- the 'Oh my god thats a big helm'....I remember it being passed on at one of 
the first BD meetings I attended, but haven't seen it at any events, and as I 
recall, it was supposed to be brought to all events at which there was a 
major BD showing...

This also brings to mind a combat question - if someone were, for some 
strange reason, to actually wear a great helm such as that over their regular 
helm, how would blows to the head be resolved? I would think that any but the 
strongest blows to any part of the head, excepting the face, would be unable 
to pierce through the double protective layer. I suppose that mass weapons 
would be able to crush through, but the overly large target would be 
pointless for a mere long sword to hit...
Of course, this also brings to mind the question, would it be legal in the 
first place to wear? I am far from being an expert on combat rules, but I 
don't recall seeing any regulation against wearing great helms....were they 
ever used in period, outside of ceremonial usage? I know that the rules and 
regulations are constantly being smoothed out - apparently the recent crown 
tourney was the first to have a double kill, as there seemed to be a brief 
discussion on the field between the marshals and HRM about whether a victory 
was 2 wins, or if elimination from the finals was 2 losses... It was nice to 
watch a rules addendum being made, not caused by someone getting injured.
Anyway, these are just a few thoughts I've had today, while mowing the 
lawn... thought I'd share them with y'all and get another discussion going....

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