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Black Diamond's First Investiture

Poster: "Susan and Frank Downs" <sfdowns@pinn.net>

You asked for it!

Black Diamond's first investiture was at Ice Castle 3, in 1984.  The site
was Blacksburg High School, and the autocrat was Lady Caitlin ni
h'Arrachtain.  The King was Olaf I, who, much to his consternation, crashed
at my apartment, which was decorated in an authentic punk rock motif,
complete with cokehead neighbor flipping through the TV channels (I was one
of very few Black Diamonders with my own apartment- and the others were
full).  The event started with the traditional three man melee tourney (at
which at least one future great fighter first authorized), and proceeded
through the traditional frantic feast presided over by the traditional
freaked out head cook, which was traditionally rescued by Mistress Tannis
(the feast; the cook just lost it).  Olaf and Aislin held court and invested
Sir Ishmael as Baron as was only proper as he individually embodied the
spirit of Black Diamond of the time.  Festivities proceeded to the
traditional post-revel at Ish's house, and the traditional drunken blowout
ensued, probably somewhat more enthusiastically than was traditional.  At
least one significant and lasting pairing was spawned at that post-revel
(no, not Caitlin and mine, that was already a fait accompli).

Much else of great magnitude and portent surely occured, but those are the
bones of it, and memory begins to fail this poor newcomer, so I'll leave the
rest to those who are better equipped.

Takenoshita Naro
>From Aileen McDonagh -
>All those with comments/corrections/suggestions, etc etc, please send them to 
>me as well as to the list.  A single-source history is always a dangerous 
>thing, and I would prefer to multiply my sources.  In the compilation of this 
>list, I also used an article in the May 1993 Acorn, written by Lady Mordeyrn 
>Tremayne with the assistance of Duchess Seonaid, Duke Michael, and Lord 
>Stefan of Cambion.
>Also, anyone who was present at any of these First Investitures, I would be 
>so very grateful for a description of the events of the day.  I've greatly 
>enjoyed the recent tales from Their Majesties' Coronation and Crown 
>Tournament, and would like to include such tales from each Barony's history.  
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