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pipe dreams - 15th - 16th century music

Poster: "Bryan S. McDaniel" <kestrelw@atlcom.net>

Pipe dreams this week is supposed to play some music
from the 15th and 16th centuries.

For those that do not know - Pipe Dreams is a program
that plays on Public Radio (NPR, GA Public Radio, SCERN,
etc.) that presents music played on Pipe organs.

kestrelw.webjump.com has links to each that I identified
so that you can check the online listings to see when the
show is running.  SCERN will be playing it on Sunday afternoon
after ST Paul Sunday.  FM 90.1 WABE in the ATL metro
area will play it about 9:30pm after Tapestry and before
Hearts of Space.

Harmonia on SCERN is Tuesday at 7pm, and on WABE
FM 90.1 in the ATL metro area Sunday at 7pm.  Harmonia
plays early music, much of which is period.

For those of you not in the receiving range of GA and SC
public radio I do not know the web sites for your states.
Unfortunately there may be some who are out of range
of all public radio and are being deprived of this wonderful

If any links on my page are broken please let me know
so I can fix them.

Bryan S. McDaniel      SCA aka Kestrel of Wales
kestrelw@atlcom.net    kestrelw@csi.com

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