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Re[2]: Their Majesties' recent message

Poster: REAMESD1@westat.com (REAMESD1)

Unto Atlantia's Seneschal, Alan Gravesend, and those others to whom this
Greetings from Duchess Caterina Leonora de Forza d'Agro, on this the 14th day of
May, Anno Domini 1999.

Let it be known that I strongly support the continuance of the current reign of
Stephan and Niobe under the elegantly capable hand of our Queen Niobe, in her
husband's absence.

Speaking practically, there seem to be two options here:
1)  Continue as usual, with Queen Niobe filling her role as Crown.  
     (We have a recent precedent in the reign of the widowed Queen of the
Midrealm last year.  
      In Atlantia's case, however, we also have the hope of a swift return of
our King.)

2)  Accelerate the coronation of our Prince and Princess, Amalric and Caia.

I find option 1 most preferable under the circumstances for the following

1) Queen Niobe has previous experience ruling a kingdom.  She is familiar with
the demands and expectations of the job.  She has already demonstrated the
ability to organize an effective support system and create an elegant and royal
presence, as well as her strong belief in the importance of each individual
member which has been very nurturing for our kingdom.  In short, she has proven
to be a strong and excellent queen, fully capable of the demands of the

2) Prince Amalric and Princess Caia have never ruled before.  As a former queen
of Atlantia, I cannot emphasize too strongly the need for the 5-6 month
preparation period.  It may not be so in other kingdoms, but that is our
tradition here and all of our support systems are set up with that preparation
period in mind.  To force TRH Amalric and Caia to take the thrones immediately
would be a grave disservice to them, robbing them of important planning time,
the opportunity to learn from their predecessors, and thrusting them into a role
they have had very little time to prepare for (Crown tourney was less than a
month ago).

3) Queen Niobe can delegate some of her award-giving and other court duties to
our Prince and Princess.  By retaining Our Queen, we have a leadership composed
of one very experienced person supported by two inexperienced, but
quick-learning people.  The sharing of duties with Their Royal Highnesses will
help them to learn "the ropes" to an extent greater than usual.  This will help
them in their subsequent reign.  The fact that Queen Niobe and Prince Amalric
and Princess Caia all live nearly in the same city, makes this even more
feasible and desireable.

3) King Stephan might return.  The extent of his absence is by no means certain;
we all hope and pray that the military conflict will be over soon.  It would
create a true political and emotional shambles among the members of this kingdom
if he were to return before the scheduled end of the reign, having already been

Again, I reiterate, for these reasons, I request that Queen Niobe be allowed to
act as Monarch in the absence of King Stephan and that their reign continue on
its original schedule.

As reference to add weight to my words, let me point out that I have been a
subject of Atlantia for more than 20 years; I have twice served as her Queen; I
am a member of the Orders of the Laurel and the Pelican, and have the honor of
membership in the Kingdom Orders of Merit for Arts and for Service.  I am deeply
invested in this Kingdom; and from my heart, I affirm:  Atlantia delights in
strong Queens.


Caterina Leonora de Forza d'Agro, OL, OP, CP, CGD

Kitten Reames
19183 Warrior Brook Drive
Germantown, Maryland 20874

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