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Re: Continuation of the Reign

Poster: "Tanner Lovelace" <lovelace@cs.unc.edu>

Alan Gravesend, our esteemed seneschal wrote:

>Good Gentles,
>A concerned fellow denizen of the Merry Rose has pointed out that all
>should exercise restraint when posting responses to a query such as this
>to a list.  Your expressions of support should be sent to me; if you
>feel especially moved you should post to the Rose as well, but pray,
>remember that some of your fellow patrons' mailboxes are quite limited!
>Also, I would note that Their Majesties' reign is NOT being questioned
>from without (from anywhere).  We are trying to proactively assure the
>situation, not respond to any kind of questions.
>In any case, responses are hitting my mailbox at the rate of about 25 an
>hour at this point; I'm trying to give everyone a response -- please
>forgive if I eventually fall behind!
>In Service,


As many people will attest, I am usually the first to chide
people for creating extra traffic to the Merry Rose, especially
for something as a simple as a "me too" response.  However,
in this case, I think the responses posted are entirely appropriate.
Not only does our Queen deserve our support now, as her Lord
goes off to foreign lands, but the rest of the populace needs
to know that she is capable of continuing on alone.  How else
will they know this than by people who know her iterating
her praises?  I am one of those who does not know the current
Queen, but after all I've heard on the list recently, how can
I not be excited about the rest of her reign... Therefore, I
also would like to add my voice as a supporter of our current
Queen and offer all my support.

In service,
Lord Kendrick Wayfarer
Listkeeper, Merry Rose
Tanner Lovelace                  Department of Computer Science
lovelace@cs.unc.edu              UNC-Chapel Hill, CB #3175
http://www.cs.unc.edu/~lovelace  Chapel Hill, NC  27599-3175 
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