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Re: Spam?? was: Ahem.

Poster: John Stracke <francis@thibault.org>

Beiskaldi@aol.com wrote:

> I cannot speak for the usual content of the various lists other than the one
> I am on.  However, I personally can't see that sending out information on any
> upcoming events, activities, or the like as spam.  [...]
> In other words, useful information that is relevant to the Merry Rose at
> least.

The difference is that the Merry Rose is the Atlantian list, and the event is in
Atlantia.  People on the other side of the continent are less likely to care.  I
almost blocked the KWAR stuff from the sca-mists list (which I administer),
especially since it was also being posted to the Kingdom list.

I would recommend that the best practice would have been to send a broad posting
saying the KWAR would be happening, and that updates would be on some particular
list (SERapier? the Rialto? one created for the occasion?), and then send updates
only to that list.

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