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Re: Fwd: Re: SW geek/nerd/freak scale

Poster: Julien de Montfort <julien@spiaggia.org>

> [And snickering to myself, I say to Julien, "Define your mythological
> *average* SCAdian.  I have yet to see one.

Why, the mythical "average SCAdian" is a totally subjective medley of all
the SCAdians you know. ;-)

> Note the differences there; your average sci-fi *FANATIC* vs. your average
> SCAdian.  That's easy because it's not a reasonable comparison.  If, OTOH,
> you attempted to describe your average sci-fi fanatic vs. your average SCA
> fanatic, that might bear a striking resemblance.  AAMOF I suspect they do;

No, that is indeed what I was making a comparison of: a scifi fan that goes
to a convention is more comparable to an 'average" SCAdian who goes to
events in costume, and a scifi fanatic that waits in line in a SW costume
to the movie is more comparable to a SCAdian that, well, waits in garb to
see a medeival movie. ;-)

> >Of course, somebody already mentioned about a number of SCAdians seeing
> >a movie in garb, so I'd put them in the same category as the scifi
> >fanatic that went to see SW in costume.  Not that that's necessarily
> >bad, mind you, but just I think that there is a difference between that
> >level of a particularly
> (did you mean to insert a word here, Julien?)

Nah, I added a 'ly' by mistake. ;-)

> 'hobby' and what is the average level of that
> >hobby...

See "average SCAdian" above. :-)


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